Hi All, We had a fun picnic and productive meeting on Saturday, the 19th.  Several members have commented that they did not receive the event reminder email that I sent on July 28th.  To that end, would you please respond to this email so that I know that I am using your correct email address.  I updated addresses and set up a new group email last year and was hoping that communications would be efficient, but maybe this isn’t the case!  So your receipt response would be greatly appreciated!   Highlights of the meeting included: 1.     We now have 67 paid single, family or business associate members.  The membership drive started with this meeting.  I have attached a membership form.  If your information is all current, you do not have to fill out the form, but do send us             a check.  Thanks!   2.     Kathy gave a Poker Rally 2016 report.  Thanks again to Polaris and DuPont Power Tool for their generous support of the event.   3.     Michelle Grubbs has graciously accepted the BLSD Vice President position, which was met with unanimous approval and appreciation by club members present.    4.     Frank reported that he has been having significant difficulty with the club web-site.  He has been discussing the problem with a local computer service provider and it looks like we may need to set up a new, current, user friendly site.  Frank will be setting up a meeting with this provider and the board to determine our best and most economical option for moving forward.       5.     The radios the groomers are currently using are not reliably allowing good communication between the groomer out on the machine and other groomers, located at their cabins.   A committee has been established consisting of Jay Grubbs,  Matt       Brumbaugh, David Pearson and Jeff Iverson to address this issue.  The committee will assess our current capabilities and options for improved communication.  This is extremely important for the safety of the groomers and for promoting a timely             response in the event that the groomer comes across someone in need of aide.  The committee and board members will determine the most optimal solution for moving forward.  The general club members will be informed when that takes place.    6.     The BLSD Scholarship process and application form has been accepted.  Applications will be available January 1, 2018.  The applicant, his/her parent, grandparent or legal guardian must be a BLSD member of at least 2 years duration.   There will be one award of 1000.00 dollars if a single applicant is chosen or two awards of 500.00 if two applicants are chosen.  The scholarships will be available for any college, university, trade school or other school of higher learning.    Wishing you all a great fall season.html>